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Money can’t buy love, or peace of mind, or even a long life. But it can get you in to see this immersive, site-based show, now in its 15th year, that reveals the tragic history of the family who once occupied this gorgeous hillside mansion. Follow the characters from room to room and eavesdrop as they reveal events that took down a dynasty. Written by Kathrine Bates, directed by Flora Plumb. 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills. Free parking onsite. Wed-Fri 8pm, Sat-Sun 1pm. $65. 310-364-3606. Reservations must be made by phone, in advance. Taken from the website . Interviews with the playwright Kathrine Bates, Darby Hinton who played Israel Boone in The Daniel Boone show, and Melanie MacQueen who was the voice of Lisa Hayes in Robotech. Jan 5–Jan 29 2017

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Synopsis :  In this play spanning 30 years and six presidential administrations, Hester Ferris throws Georgetown dinner parties that can change the course of Washington’s politics. But when her beloved son suddenly turns up with an ambitious Reaganite girlfriend and a shocking new conservative world view, Hester must choose between preserving her family and defending the causes she’s spent her whole life fighting for. Take from the Website

May 17th – June 4th 2016 


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