Noise Now is an opportunity to expand our family by engaging with our neighboring communities and peer organizations. Noise Now is more than an audience development initiative – it is a commitment to being a great neighbor, to building relationships with audiences and artists, and to demonstrating our eagerness to listen well and respond courageously.

Noise Now is an enhanced commitment to being of service to all audiences. We aim to illuminate and activate underrepresented populations, communities of color, young people, and all others not equitably represented at the theatre. In addition, we are activating non-traditional or underutilized spaces throughout the A Noise Within campus. We are excited to challenge ourselves, identify how disruptive we can push to be, and commit to making decisions “with” – as opposed to “for” – our audiences.

By expanding our artistry to include dance, music, art installations, non-traditional theatre and beyond, we are opening our home to audiences new to theatre and new to us, in addition to facilitating work that illuminates overlap between our mission and the missions of our collaborators. Taken from the website. 


Interview with actors Michael Manuel (Iago) and Tania Verafield (Emilia) about their new production at A Noise Within Shakespeare’s Othello. Feb 10 – April 28, 2019

The Bard’s most intimate of family tragedies about the terrible force of love and the breakdown of a man who has everything—power, position, and passion—only to find his world decimated through intense mind games with his ensign. Prescient in its searing social commentary of prejudice, betrayal, and thwarted ambition, Shakespeare’s thunderous drama examines who we trust and the price we pay for choosing wrong. Taken from the website. 

(warning podcast has some bad language) 

It’s 1940, and celebrated psychologist William Moulton Marston has decided that he wants to create a comic book heroine who stands for valor and love in a world dominated by men and war. Over the course of a single evening, Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their lover Olive must convince DC Comics executive Max Gaines of the value of such a heroine while downplaying their own unorthodox lifestyle. Taken from the website

March 9th – March 30th, 2019

Dec 1 – Dec 9, 2018

Lisa Dring – Lisa graduated from School of Dramatic Arts at the University of Southern California and has apprenticed with Actors Theatre of Louisville. She studied Creative Writing at CalArts and has trained in clown with Chris Bayes, Paola Coletto and Aitor Basauri.

Show coming up :  directing Cleo, Theo & Wu by Kirsten Vangsness at Theatre of NOTE

Chelsea Sutton – Chelsea holds a BA in Creative Studies with an emphasis in Literature from the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara and is currently pursuing her MFA in Fiction at UC Riverside. She is a 2016 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow.

She is currently working on a short story collection, Curious Monsters, her first novel, and her first screenplay.

Lisa Dring

Chelsea Sutton

Rogue Artists Ensemble’s Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin from Rogue Artists Ensemble on Vimeo.

For more check out my review from last year :

Dan Sugimoto

A bored billionaire and his wife hold a charade of a dinner party. When their guests arrive, they take their coats and strip away societal constructs, what remains is…all too human. Taken from the website. 

June 22,2018  

Georginna Feyst

(photo credit : Ye’ela Rosenfeld)

No Exit presents a glimpse into the world of three strangers locked together in a room they hate for eternity. There is no escape: from the room, each other, and worst of all themselves. Taken from website 

Real Art Daily Productions is a film and theatre production company dedicated to representing the stories of those often neglected by mainstream media.  With a dual focus on both the intersectional representation on queerness, ableism, agism and feminine representation and the role of local community engagement within the arts, Real Art Daily Productions is dedicated to producing both theatre and film that challenges what the viewer deems ‘normal’. Real Art Daily Productions is a diverse company, with employees representing a wide range of sexualities, gender identities, cultures and nationalities. The company’s opening production of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous existential play, No Exit, will be accompanied by a series of talks around social justice and philosophical topics related to the play’s themes, including queerness and feminism in the 1940s, and reflections of existentialism in today’s social climate. These curated conversations will be led by  local and community subject experts in hopes to engage the local Los Angeles community and illustrate the importance of art in representation and expression.

March 16- April 8 2018 

Facebook:  @realartdailyprod
Instagram:  @realartdailyprod
Twitter:       @realartdailypro


(Photos by Jessica Sherman Photography)

After the collapse of civilization, a group of survivors keep the spark of human spirit alive by telling stories around a campfire. As the years wear on, these stories expand into the realm of legend and myth. At turns sidesplitting and bone-chilling, Mr. Burns also features an unusual approach for the Fools: each act will be staged in a different theater space in the Broadwater complex, transporting the audience as we search for the light. Taken from the website

October 13th – December 9th 

(photo courtesy: Lisa Scarsi)

Live interview from the cast of Cabaret @ Gem Theatre in Garden Grove.,

September 28 – October 29, 2017

(Photo by Ed Krieger)

A couple returns to their deserted cabin in the woods to pack it up. A storm moves in, a mysterious child appears… could this be their child come home? Taken from the website

July 21 – September 3 2017