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A handsome, wealthy landowner who woos three sisters isn’t what he seems.   But neither are they. A harrowing comedy, that goes to hell. Taken from the website

(Photo by Ed Krieger)
Spanning from the 1988 display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington DC to the worldwide Women’s Marches, Shades of Disclosure illuminates the triumphant lives of real people whose personal stories have been forgotten or silenced.

Individuals, of varying stripes, relive their intimate and heartfelt histories while speaking to a sixteen-year old who, after bravely announcing her queerness, finds herself at a precarious turning point in American politics. In Shades of Disclosure, she discovers a band of mentors who tell it like it was, is, and how they hope it can be. Taken from the website

January 28 – February 25th 2017

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July 23 – August 28  2016


An enthusiastic African-American college graduate is hired by the 2008 Obama campaign and lands in the streets of East Cleveland. Somewhere between knocking on doors, fending off cops, and questioning his own identity, he learns that working in the “spotlight of Hope” isn’t going to be as easy as he had imagined. Obama-ology is a compelling exploration of re-igniting the dreams of a black minority and the hopes of a country. Taken from the website.

1. What is it about? Obama-ology is a coming-of-age story for our political generation. Obama was -for better or worse- our JFK/RFK election moment. And you could feel that among young people in their twenties….

(Photos by Ed Krieger)

Three days before his bid for reelection in North Carolina, a Republican U.S. Senator makes a heartfelt and off-the-cuff comment after a school shooting to a blogger that calls into question his belief in God. The Senator’s devoutly Christian wife and liberal Jewish campaign manager try desperately to contain the damage. Taken from the website 

JUNE 24 – August 14 2016  

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