This award winning solo show follows five women from the same family navigating the intricacies of life. Lessons are learned from one another while others are rejected resulting in inescapable consequences. Taken from the website

Oct 01 – Oct 16 2016


Guest Writer Alina Mae Wilson  If you have been longing for a bit of Disney without the Disney feel, your time has finally come.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame is playing over at the La…

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It is 1964, a time of movement and change, but Catholic school principal Sister Aloysius values a stern hand over progressive education. When evidence points to an inappropriate relationship between Father Flynn and the school’s first black student, she begins a crusade to rid the church of Father Flynn. John Patrick Shanley’s riveting psychological drama examines the fine line between what seems certain and ambiguity, between conviction and doubt. Taken from the website

August 17 – September 11, 2016

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The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troop Beverly Hills, puts a brand new spin on the 1989 Shelley Long comedy. Phyllis Nefler is an image-obsessed Beverly Hills housewife and full-scale shopaholic. But when her wealthy husband leaves her because of her selfish and narcissistic ways, Phyllis resolves to win him back by becoming the new den mother of their daughter’s rambunctious Wilderness Girls troop. It’s a rocky start, but soon Phyllis is making custom merit badges, hosting campouts at the Beverly Hills Hotel and spearheading a major star-studded cookie sale fundraiser. Taken from the website

July 2nd – September 10th 2016


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Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group and Shine On Collective proudly present the world premiere of Anna Mavromati’s dark, carnivalesque theatre-spectacular, about the growing sparks of resentment within a colorful clan of performers that ignite their freak-show into flames of rebellion! Taken from the website 

July 29 – August 13 2016 



A eclectic group of six mid-pubescents vie for the spelling championship of a lifetime! While candidly disclosing hilarious and touching stories of their home-life, the tweens spell their way through a series of words hoping never to hear the soul-crushing, pout-inducing, life-unaffirming “ding” of the bell signifying a spelling error. A riotous ride complete with audience participation. Taken from the website 

July 8 – August 21 2016


1. What is it about? Obama-ology is a coming-of-age story for our political generation. Obama was -for better or worse- our JFK/RFK election moment. And you could feel that among young people in their twenties….

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This rarely seen, late work of Tennessee Williams is the savage, sexually-charged and brutally funny story of three outcasts trapped in an isolated, once elegant Mississippi farmhouse by an encroaching flood. Written during his “dark decade” in the late ’60s, metaphorical and taboo themes of race, gender and human survival are surprisingly current.Taken from the website 

Jul 15 –  Aug 14 2016


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In & Of Itself is a show constructed as a metaphoric labyrinth, filled with allegorical illusions and centered around a single paradoxical truth. From the writer and producers of the highly acclaimed Nothing to Hide and Director Frank Oz, comes the new show by Derek DelGaudio, In & Of Itself, produced by Glenn Kaino and Tom Werner with original music by Mark Mothersbaugh. Taken from the website

May 3 – August 28, 2016

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BAD JEWS follows Daphna Feygenbaum, the self-proclaimed most devout Jew in her family. When her less observant cousin Liam arrives to claim a treasured family heirloom, bringing along a surprisingly non-Jewish element in the form of Melody, a hilarious and devastatingly funny battle of Old Testament proportions ignites. Taken from the website 

June 30th  – July 24th 2016