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Written by Mike Martin 

Let me get a few things out-of-the-way…

Dreamgirls is a script that runs a bit long and does tend to show its age.

Lyrically the score is a bit one note and juvenile.

This production had some sound hiccups when I attended.



Now that the unpleasantness is out-of-the-way, let me say that this production of Dreamgirls is an absolute treat. This is a production that not only makes one pine wistfully for the big, spectacle shows of the 80’s in its staging, but showcases talent that transcends the very limitations I mentioned above. Masterful choreography and direction keep the pace moving and fluid, and technically (other than the sound issues mentioned above) the production value is top-notch. If you haven’t been to La Mirada (or it’s been a FEW years as in my case), do yourself a favor and see some big shows done right. While I applaud the efforts of smaller theatres, even I am capable of forgetting what a great night of theatre can be with a bit of a budget behind it. Continue reading

March 25 – April 17

Synopsis : Dreamgirls tells the story of an up-and-coming 1960s girl singing group, and the triumphs and tribulations that come with fame and fortune. With music by Academy Award nominee Henry Krieger and book and lyrics by Tony and Grammy Award winner Tom Eyen, Dreamgirls features the unforgettable hits: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” “One Night Only” and “Listen.”  Taken from the Website    PHOTO CREDIT: Michael Lamont


The 26th New Works Festival (NWF) begins April 1st at the Long Beach Playhouse in Long Beach. 

According to Broadway World, 

“The festival spans two weekends. The first weekend, the two best submissions each receive a one-time staged reading that includes a facilitated discussion with the audience and a written critique by local theater professionals. The second weekend features a two-night production workshop staging of one of the plays that won in 2015. It also includes a facilitated talk back with the author and audience.” Broadway World

April 01 – April 09 


Written by Patrick Chavis 


March 1 – April 10, 2016

Critic Opinion : Though it might make you laugh. The often-hammy undeniably funny lines and the solid sexual tension between both actors can’t hide the boring underdeveloped characters and plot of the actual story.

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