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Hi LA Theatre Bites listeners,

As you probably  know my name is Patrick Chavis and I am the creator, designer, podcast writer and head editor at LA Theatre Bites and The Orange Curtain Review. Since 2014 I have written theatre reviews for the Orange County, California area highlighting theatres big and small. Starting in 2016, I expanded my reach and began reviewing shows in the Los Angeles area but instead of writing, I began scripting out short podcasts. I found with the podcast review, I could connect with and express my thoughts much more easily than in my written reviews. I love theatre and having the privilege to go to all of these wonderful shows and share my experience with my readers and listeners. Still, it gets very expensive– I live in Orange County and commute as far as Santa Monica and even Pasadena to make shows. I’ll often miss shows when it’s too far and I just don’t have the funds to make it out. So I’m coming to you my listeners to help me finance this podcast and website. So I can start making more consistent content hopefully weekly instead of the moments I can squeeze in a show. I want to make a podcast that can really connect the theatre community in Southern California and also bring in people that wouldn’t even think about stepping into a theatre. I was one of those people, that didn’t really know much about theatre and I was blessed to have a wife that opened my eyes to a whole new wonderful world. I would like to continue to share it even more.

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