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“Mary’s Medicine” tells the true story of Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole. Mary helped pioneer many holistic medicinal practices during Victorian England. Her methods were controversial for the time and some sought to destroy her reputation. Half Jamaican and Scottish Mary struggled with her identity in the world. Not to be dissuaded she worked hard to prove herself a valuable person in the fields of nursing and medicine. Despite being a decorated hero of the Crimean war history seems to have forgotten Seacole, but now on stage her incredible story of determination, courage and wits will be told. Taken from the website

June 9 – June 24 2017 

A bold evening of mesmerism, clairvoyance, and thought-reading straight from the Victorian parlour! British scientist and sceptic Dr Mark Gasson demonstrates how the most prevalent myths of the Victorian psychics still define what we believe is possible and even challenge our very sense of reality. Taken from the website

Okay, but it needs work
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Set & Design5.5
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Actor/musician, Jeremy Ebenstein, through story and song, takes audiences through his humorous, inspiring, yet often heartbreaking story of living a life with Asperger’s Syndrome. Taken from the website.

June 3 – June 25 2017 

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Wonderful charming show that made me teary-eyed and then laughing in the next moment. Enjoyed the original music.
June 13, 2017, 5:13 am
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When a woman has a chance encounter with a homeless man she thinks she recognizes, she begins to wonder what his life could have been like had he made different choices. Was Lyman Liri really the hero he claims to have been? And could his life have ended up much differently?

These questions propel a journey through the various universes in which Lyman might have existed and show how our choices affect our own destiny, as well as the destinies of those around us. It is a certainty: one choice separates us all from a Fate of fortune or homelessness…. Taken from the website 

June 3 – June 18 2017 

Okay, but it needs work
6.8 Overall
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Set & Design6.5
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The Actor’s Studio of Orange County, the premiere acting studio for film and television training in Orange County, is beginning its Adult, Teen and Kids’ Summer Acting Programs, beginning in June and running throughout the month of August. There are three different programs offered for each age group, with each group drawing inspiration from the Seven Pillars of Acting, created by studio owner Sonya Cooke. 

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Live Podcast on the Hollywood Fringe 2017  with Patrick Chavis LA Theatre Bites (Editor/Podcaster/Writer), Matthew Robinson LA Theatre Bites (Podcaster), Alina Mae Wilson The Orange Curtain Review (Creator/Writer) Sean Belk (Guest Podcaster) 

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Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/Noleafmedia/live

Come listen to us talk about the upcoming Hollywood Fringe 2017. Ask us questions, shamelessly plug your show, it’s all good. The live link is above. It start 12 noon Pacific Standard time May 27th.  

(Photos by Chris Whitaker)

Amber and Tom, finding their way as freshmen at Princeton, spend a night together that alters the course of their lives. They agree on the drinking, they agree on the attraction, but consent is foggy, and if unspoken, can it be called consent? Playwright Anna Ziegler investigates gender and race politics, our crippling desire to fit in and the three sides to every story. Taken by the website. 

May 2 – June 11, 2017

Exceptional Show 
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Set & Design8
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(Photo Courtesy: Brett Isaacson)

Molly Dworsky (Director/Performer), Chris Bramante (Performer/Co-Producer), and Dave Reynolds (Performer/Co-Director) Kat Primeau (Performer)

The 4242 Intergalympics have arrived and the bitter rivalry between the people of Earth and Mars is at an all-time fever pitch. An epic race around the Sun concludes the games, but when an untimely incident renders Earth’s competitors unable to race, a haphazard crew must step in as last minute replacements. Will they succeed? Find out in this high-speed, high-stakes original musical comedy from the creators THUG TUNNEL. Ready. Set. Space!  Taken from the website.

June 10th – June 22nd 2017 

SYNOPSIS: Six one-acts examine various aspects of humanity, including coping with loss, suffering in the face of great adversity, addiction, and the power of love to triumph over all obstacles. Taken from the website