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It’s the end of the world in Los Angeles. Well, everywhere, but definitely in Los Angeles, where Jane is stuck in a cramped apartment turned shelter with her ex, Chip. They think they’re the last living souls on earth, until others start showing up at their doorstep. Taken from the website

March 24 – April 15 2017   GOOD SHOW

8 Overall
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Set & Design7
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Review by Matthew Robinson

Burners is set in the not-so-distant future where the elite live in luxury inside Avalon Protectorate, a fortified megacity, while the majority of the population struggles to survive in massive, polluted slums. A resistance movement has risen to fight for the rights of the poor, and their most powerful weapons are humans that have been genetically engineered to become living bombs: BURNERS. Taken from the website.

March 25th – April 9th 2017 

Great Show
8.5 Overall
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Set & Design9.5
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I wish more plays were like this. The divide between audience and players completely disappeared. I saw it in a very small theater and the set envelopes much of the seating. The atmosphere of a high tech dystopia was spot on. The set and costume design were excellent but the players really carried the show. An unexpected story and all of the background on their desperate world comes across through their interaction. Both players shed their more stereotyped mannerisms as the complexity and layers of their characters and identities were revealed. Really well done and engrossing. Go see it.
March 28, 2017, 4:58 pm
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