Once upon a time, all of your favorite characters from the enchanted land of Fairy Tales, got tossed into a magical spin cycle of storytelling, where nothing is what you expect, and everything is as it seems.  Tons of wacky, magical silliness abounds, and there’s even a stinky cheese man, taboot!  This bunch of Almost Fairy Tales will warm you and your family’s insides in this re-envisioning of storytelling, told through a bunch of cheese, and some other fairly stupid tales. Mmmmmm, dig in. Just in time for the holidays.  See you there!

December 2nd – December 17th 2016


Great Show 

THE UNCERTAINTY FILES- Based on a series of intimate interviews, playwright McLean talked with several Americans, transcribing their discussions (as well as the sounds around them of traffic, doors closing or a refrigerator humming) and created a one-act play about the uncertainty of the future, the hereafter, about love and about ourselves. This is the first time the play has been done in the United States. Taken from the website 
The comedy one-act WHAT LOVE IS opens the evening, examining the relationship of a loving, slightly cantankerous husband and wife in their twilight years, as well as their grown daughter, who is acting as a reluctant and less than happy caretaker. Aging, illness, the beauty of the tango and the happy feeling you get from a good shortbread are all tackled in a quirky, meaningful way reminiscent of Samuel Beckett at his funniest. Taken from the website 

May 20 – June 11th 2016 


Average Show