January 13, 2017 – February 19, 2017

CASA 0101 Theater and TNH Productions in association with LA Councilmember Gil Cedillo are proud to present Disney’s Aladdin: Dual Language Edition! Centuries ago, the royalty in the palace of Agrabah speak one language: Spanish; and its people in the streets another: English. When the rebellious princess and a delinquent street rat meet in the market place, they find something special in one another, rise above the barriers between them, and with a little magic help create a better future. This production is performed in English and Spanish and is fully understandable in both languages. www.casa0101.org/

(photos by : Jessica Sherman)

ROSE AND THE RIME tells the tragic and magical story of the frozen town of Radio Falls. When Uncle Roger reveals to young Rose the truth about her parents, Rose sets off to find the mysterious Rime Witch. What follows is a stark transformation of the town and its inhabitants. From snowfall and sledding to witches and barbecues, the tale of Radio Falls and its inhabitants is spun right before our eyes through a mixture of inventive ensemble physicality, music, and puppetry, all supported by projected animation. Taken from website

JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 25, 2017

Above Average 

Photo by Ed Kreiger

Money can’t buy love, or peace of mind, or even a long life. But it can get you in to see this immersive, site-based show, now in its 15th year, that reveals the tragic history of the family who once occupied this gorgeous hillside mansion. Follow the characters from room to room and eavesdrop as they reveal events that took down a dynasty. Written by Kathrine Bates, directed by Flora Plumb. 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills. Free parking onsite. Wed-Fri 8pm, Sat-Sun 1pm. $65. 310-364-3606. Reservations must be made by phone, in advance. Taken from the website . Interviews with the playwright Kathrine Bates, Darby Hinton who played Israel Boone in The Daniel Boone show, and Melanie MacQueen who was the voice of Lisa Hayes in Robotech. Jan 5–Jan 29 2017