Wildcat Jackson is the self-proclaimed monarch of the west. With his silly yet edgy brand of comedy magic, he entertains as an old-west showman in a modern world. This bargain-basement Buffalo Bill Cody works a crowd with his larger-than-life charisma and offbeat carnival-style show. Taken from the website.

Dates: Feb. 25 & 26 @ 8pm, Feb. 27 @ 2pm, 2022.

Interview with the creators of Dragon Show Nick Rheinwald-Jones and Katelyn Schiller.


Cross into another realm and become part of an epic fantasy tale spanning thousands of years… encounter mystical and whimsical creatures… enjoy songs and festivities… but beware, because Here Be Dragons! Taken from the website.
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Interview with Lori Meeker, the creator of the Immersive play, Welcome to Meadowlark Falls: Christmas at Home. Click on this link to learn more: https://www.meadowlarkfalls.com/

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“WE’RE GONNA DIE” features a single Singer, accompanied by a full rock bad, as she shares stories about death, grief and loneliness from her life. These stories range from the mundane to the tragic, from discovering her first white hair to her father’s sudden and tragic death from lung cancer as he waited for an experimental treatment. Lee’s songs and stories demystify grief, creating a community space that provides the solace that we need to get through those difficult moments.

Thursday, February 20th, 2020



Set in the olde British-ish kingdom of Crumpeton, POCKETS follows the heroine’s journey of young Bellamina Crumbledunk (Molly Dworsky), a noble-born preteen-turned-pickpocket hellbent on winning the attention of her distracted mother, the Duchess (Kat Primeau). Bellamina’s misadventures lead her to the underbelly of society, where she befriends criminals Veegan (Chris Bramante) and Jim Val Jim (Dave Reynolds) and becomes the inadvertent leader of a criminal uprising. Will the freshly-minted miscreant “Pockets” have the heart to sabotage her mum’s well-laid plans for Crumpet Day, the biggest holiday of the year?  Taken from the website. 

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Edwin Wong

In this book, classicist Edwin Wong shows how tragedy imitates reality: heroes, by taking inordinate risks, trigger devastating low-probability, high-consequence outcomes. Such a theatre forces audiences to ask themselves a most timely question—what happens when the perfect bet goes wrong? Taken from the website. 



Romeo and Juliet, dead, wake up to find themselves stuck in their Personal Hell – forced to listen to WEST SIDE STORY music for eternity. To escape, they must suffer through a production of their life story performed by the other inhabitants of Hell – Shakespeare’s dead characters – who butcher the story in hysterical ways!  Taken from the website. 

November 1 – 23, 2019

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Interview with writer Wyn Moreno about his World Premiere play Strong Arm playing at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana.

July 12 – 28, 2019 

A group of young people have come together to write a series of 10-minute plays on topics and issues they find most pressing among their generation. This anthology is nearly 5-years in the making and covers a variety of topics including, but not limited to, police brutality, self-harm, bullying, LGBTQ+ visibility, trauma, poverty, and voice. Each piece that makes up the collective is a winner of the Young Writers Project of Hollywood. “Resonant: Student Voices Anthology” conveys the fears, love, and passions of Generation Z. It’s an exploration of race, gender, and identity from their perspectives. Furthermore, it is a manifestation of their hopes and wishes for the world and it’s time we all listened. Taken from the website. 

June 29, 2019

The Color Collective is a comedy variety show featuring women and POCs in everything from music and dance to stand-up and sketch comedy, The Color Collective strives to be a show for all people, where we can tackle topics that typically aren’t (or can’t) be covered by others. Our goal is to make the audience laugh and see past our color or gender and to be sure that the point of view of minorities and women are always heard.

Inspired by In Living Color, Chappelles’s Show, and other variety shows of the past, we show that smart, unique comedy can come in all shades. We want to highlight artists that may not always get the same spotlight as others of a different color or gender. Taken from the website.