Photo Credit: Michael Creagh

Photo credit : B Street Theatre

Interview with Actress Danielle Moné Truitt on her ONE-WOMAN PLAY “3: BLACK GIRL BLUES” playing May 19 – June 4, 2023 at the Hudson Theatre Los Angeles.

3: Black Girl Blues” is a sensational play that is a meditation on external behavior, and the forces that cause us to come clean, – all explored seamlessly by one brilliant actress.  This exciting play, produced by CMA Entertainment and Truitt Love Productions is created and performed by Truitt and written by Anthony D’Juan. It is a tale of three close friends – “Keisha,” “Jill” and “Stephanie” – who grew up together and now as adult women, are confronted with their demons. Keisha, an urban socialite, has her life crushed when she realizes her long-term boyfriend has had a child with another woman. Jill, a housewife in denial, admits to her husband’s betrayal. Stephanie, an executive in the upper-echelon world, has to face the core of her mental illness. Taken from the press release.

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