(photo credit Bryan Rasmussen)Riding Two Cultures, an evening of performance and poetry, written and performed by Ella Turenne, directed by Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte, follows Ella as she journeys towards the discovery of her culture and heritage. Born on one island (New York) and tied ancestrally to another (Haiti), Ella struggles to reconcile her American self with her Haitian self. They don’t always get along. With help from an ancient freedom fighter, she journeys to Haiti, climbing the Citadel – the Eighth Wonder of the World – to learn about who she really is.  Streamed November 11th at 7:00 pm. Tickets & Info:  www.whitefiretheatre.com

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(photo credit: Keri Kilgo) (graphic credit Tim Gabor) 

Over 10 days in April 2018, nearly 300 actors performed in 26 productions of monologues, based on stories from people who have been homeless. The productions were seen by nearly 2,000 people in venues all around Los Angeles, raising approximately $55,000 for The Midnight Mission.

This year, from April 26 to May 5, Homeward LA will be staging new stories from those who strive to find their way home in 50 productions across the city. Join us as we inspire the community to come together and end homelessness.

Tickets are $20 and all proceeds go to The Midnight Mission, a nonprofit on Skid Row that provides shelter, food, education and more to LA’s homeless population. If you cannot attend, please consider donating to the cause via the donate button below. Taken from the website. 

For more info go to: