Hollywood Fringe 2023: Last Call Theatre presents: The Collective: A 1920s Mafia Immersive Experience @ The Three Clubs – Review

Step back in time to 1920s Los Angeles at the height of Prohibition, where you, the audience, have been invited to the wake of the recently deceased Don, John Telletino, the leader of The Collective crime syndicate. Trusted members of The Collective, from the Don’s Lieutenants to its most respected agents (the audience), have been invited to the Don’s favorite speakeasy to pay their respects by his mother Valentina, but dark plans lurk in the shadows and everyone has an ulterior motive. Don Telletino’s sudden death has thrown The Collective into turmoil, and his duplicitous Lieutenants are looking to take advantage of the power vacuum. With the fate of The Collective hanging in the balance, it falls into the hands of the audience to decide the future of the Family.

The Collective has over 40 quests, multiple different paths to follow, and countless potential endings. In this game of life and death, the cards have already been dealt, but only you can decide the winning hand in this immersive, interactive show! *Dressing in your best 1920s attire is encouraged! Taken from the website.

June 12 – 24, 2023.

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Exceptional Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended! June 12 – 24, 2023.

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