Hollywood Fringe 2023: M.A.D.D. ABOUT THE BOY @ Studio/Stage – Review

Have you ever found yourself relinquishing every ounce of self-worth and going off the rails because you’re waiting for a text back?
Male attention, or lack thereof, can drive a young woman crazy. Literally.
M.A.D.D. About the Boy imagines this helpless, miserable, and relatable state as an actual clinical condition – Male Attention Deficiency Disorder. The play takes place at a renowned mental institution called The Self Love Village, where young girls are kept isolated and always in motion to distract their minds from those who shall not be named (their past crushes, of course.) Despite being a prestigious rehabilitation center, the doctors are not well trained or prepared to treat these “inmates.” Doctors come and go, but the young girls stay and remain ill, some even for seven months, like Roni. This high achieving, full of joie de vivre, long-time patient, Jewish-American Princess, and “poster child of MADD” is losing hope that she will ever leave The Self Love Village. That being said, she dedicates every waking hour to exercising, working on becoming “extremely hot and irresistible” in case she ever returns to a world with external validation and male attention.
When a new clueless doctor arrives at The Village, Roni, gives him a crash course on the disease, recounts the incidents that triggered her MADD episodes, and overall provides an excellent case study. Roni tells this captivating and relatable tale all while she is working on her fitness: swimming, cycling, hula hooping, running, weight lifting, pilates, you name it. It is a wild, mental, and physical ride. Taken from the website.

June 17 – 24, 2023.

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A witty and spectacular performance!!!
I don’t usually enjoy going to/watching plays, but, after seeing the first rendition of Roni’s cleverly written and delivered “M.A.D.D.”, I knew I was hooked on the girl! Expect to leave this show with a case of the giggles and a range of emotions that is only experienced when witnessing unmatched talent! Seriously clever, undoubtedly funny, and so much fun! 10/10
June 16, 2023, 3:47 am
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Good Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended!

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