Great Theatre Podcast

Patrick does a great job getting out to see tons of L.A. – based theater and always leaves an entertaining review. Definitely worth checking out and following his advice!

Measured, Critical, Forthright and Thoughtful 

I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick Chavis’s opinions regarding the fringe plays this year. He’s well-spoken, gives honest and thoughtful feedback and uses pithy references to movies, which I find very helpful considering this is Hollywood and film is its language more so than theatre. If you love theatre and wish you got to know or see more of it in LA, follow this man. Theatre is alive and well in Los Angeles. 

written by junesuham 

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Excellent show!

Been listening to these episodes all weekend and plan to listen to this show from now on to find out more about LA theatre and shows in my city. Well done show with a good and positive vibe. 

written by Robinsonishyde

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