Anemoia Films presents: You Can’t Disappear In Studio City @ 3 Line Studio – Review

Photo credit: Victoria Anne Greenwood

“You Can’t Disappear In Studio City” is an outrageous, new comedy set in the glorious 1990s. “Sort Of A Point” is a semi-popular soap opera produced at Ramrod Studios in
the heart of Studio City; but behind the scenes lies an undercurrent of back room deals, scheming amongst the cast and crew, drug trafficking and a general sense of moral turpitude. What starts as a regular day on set dissolves into a comedy of errors as soap opera actors and gangsters collide over a truly bizarre MacGuffin. Satirical, absurd and brutal, “You Can’t Disappear in Studio City” is “Soapdish” meets “Get Shorty”, the kind of story you’d find browsing your local video store on Friday night in the ‘90s. You could say it’s the kind of thing they don’t make anymore, but here we are, making it. Taken from the website.

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Superb regional theatre
Loved this small but mighty production! Great actors delivering challenging monologues with ease! Amazing fight scene theatrics- impeccable timing. We need more ART - hope we see more of this cast and production company!!
July 31, 2023, 12:07 am
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Above Average! July 22 – Aug 6, 2023.

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