Day for Knight Productions presents: Titus Kills @ Sherry Theater – Review

PC: Jill Petracek

It’s a misty night in 1984 and a rowdy band of Verona high schoolers have run off into the woods of Milan for a weekend of booze, drugs, and lust. Amidst their drunken debauchery, the plucky teens unknowingly disturb the remains of the bloodthirsty general, Titus Andronicus. With this angry corpse on the loose, the bloody bodies start piling up. Will our young heroes figure out how to defeat the unstoppable madman? Or will they be the next thing that Titus Kills? Get ready to experience Shakespeare like you never have before as “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and “Titus Andronicus” get the 80’s slasher treatment with the thrilling new play Titus Kills. Source

Exceptional Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended! Oct 27 – Nov 19, 2023.
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Set & Design9.5
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