Hollywood Fringe 2019: TWO NAKED ANGELS @ Complex Theatre – Review

LOST VOICES – Three Women live ordinary lives. Behind their eyes lurks a secret each has kept buried in the deepest part of their souls until today. Today they can no longer hide their voices. Today, 7.6 Billion peoples lives hang in the balance and these three women don’t even know it. 
Written by Rodney Nugent

DEATH UNIT – East Texas Prison. Basement. Mr. Shoehorn has long worked transporting bodies to the Coroners Car. Assisting him is Mr. Redstone, this is his first day, unnerved at being with a dead body, elevator not working, and frazzled as lights flicker. Is this a job for Mr. Redstone? Mr.Shoehorn wants to know. 
Written by Robert Gardner

Taken from the website. 

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