The Cure for Hollywood Fringe Fever! – Show Extensions

Were you at the Hollywood Fringe? Did you just happen to think to yourself “Man. I wish we had just one more month” ? Well, we wont get a month, it’s over and we’ve got to deal. That being said, we do have quite a few hold out shows from the Fringe with extra runs. I’ve compiled a list of some of those extensions that I think might be worth your time. For all of the the other extended shows you can find more info @ 

Thug Tunnel – Musical

In the not-so-distant-future, greed, pollution, and The Ancient Fire of Death and Despair have made Earth’s p_3671_i_5771045surface uninhabitable, forcing the human race to survive underground in a criminal society known as THUG TUNNEL. But subsisting on rations of rat scraps isn’t the worst part of living in a sewer. A pair of tyrants, Breakin’ Necks Becky (Nikki Muller) and Stabby Rick (Dave Reynolds) have taken over an isolated community below The Surface. No one dares to defy the violent rulers until a young Tunnelborn named Petunia (Kat Primeau) and her lovesick sidekick Panther (Chris Bramante) decide to make a break for the world above. An old Tunnel sage named Trash (Miles Crosman) and the phosphorescent Yogurt Stew (Molly Dworsky) must aid them as Petunia and Panther journey through the Double Darkness, into the Maze of Infinite Confusion, and past the Great Grate to see if life on Earth’s surface is possible once again. Taken from the website 

I didn’t actually see Thug Tunnel so I can’t guarantee anything for sure. But I’ve read some of their other reviews and after that slew of positivity I would say it’s a safely calculated risk.

2 shows on JULY 10th

#WhaleFail – Play

Ivy Monroe was Ocean Planet’s #1 whale trainer…until she was eaten alive by the very whale she trained. p_3503_i_282128Ivy’s peppery surviving sister teams up with a shy whale trainer to take down Ocean Planet. Meanwhile, the smooth-talking Director of Operations is dead set on keeping America’s favorite marine park afloat. Who is to blame for this colossal #WhaleFail? Decide for yourself. This summer. Only at Hollywood Fringe. Taken from the website 

GREAT SHOW 8.5 out of 10 !!!!!

One more show JULY 23rd

Review :


Inspired by the three weeks of Anne Frank’s life before she and her family disappeared into hiding, Photo-Jun-01-1024x648THIRTEEN’S SPRING is a gestural exploration of both the individual and family stories surrounding the Holocaust. Occurring in an atmosphere of nostalgia, this play is an homage to the affect these world events has had on generations. Taken from the website 

Good Show 8.3 out of 10!!!!!

Three more shows July 8th,15th,16th


TILT – Play


Two strangers’ carpool from Los Angeles to Sacramento unravels when they decide to try to extort money from a Department of Motor Vehicles bribery scheme headquartered in Bakersfield. Taken from the website 

Good Show 8 out of 10!!!!!

Two more shows July 9th & 16th

Review :


My Big Fat Blonde Musical follows Terri, an overweight actress, who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her p_3674_i_5124586dreams but finds the criticism hard to swallow. As Terri begins to digest the realities of being fat in Hollywood, she’s served a course bigger than she can chew: adulthood. Instead of waiting for her dreams to boil away, Terri decides to prepare herself a dish she’s never made before. Taken from the website 

Two more shows July 9th & 16th

I didn’t actually see My Big Fat Blonde Musical so I can’t guarantee anything for sure. But I’ve read some of their other reviews and after that slew of positivity I would say it’s a safely calculated risk.

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