Interview with Estella Church creator of RESONANT: STUDENT VOICES ANTHOLOGY playing now @ Hollywood Fringe 2019

A group of young people have come together to write a series of 10-minute plays on topics and issues they find most pressing among their generation. This anthology is nearly 5-years in the making and covers a variety of topics including, but not limited to, police brutality, self-harm, bullying, LGBTQ+ visibility, trauma, poverty, and voice. Each piece that makes up the collective is a winner of the Young Writers Project of Hollywood. “Resonant: Student Voices Anthology” conveys the fears, love, and passions of Generation Z. It’s an exploration of race, gender, and identity from their perspectives. Furthermore, it is a manifestation of their hopes and wishes for the world and it’s time we all listened. Taken from the website. 

June 29, 2019

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