Interview with Robot Teammate the creators of Pockets The Musical

Set in the olde British-ish kingdom of Crumpeton, POCKETS follows the heroine’s journey of young Bellamina Crumbledunk (Molly Dworsky), a noble-born preteen-turned-pickpocket hellbent on winning the attention of her distracted mother, the Duchess (Kat Primeau). Bellamina’s misadventures lead her to the underbelly of society, where she befriends criminals Veegan (Chris Bramante) and Jim Val Jim (Dave Reynolds) and becomes the inadvertent leader of a criminal uprising. Will the freshly-minted miscreant “Pockets” have the heart to sabotage her mum’s well-laid plans for Crumpet Day, the biggest holiday of the year?  Taken from the website. 

Information about the show below:

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