Interview with the cast of “Disrobed: Why so clothes-minded?” The play @ Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

The producers of the HFF16 immersive hit, Love the Body Positive, are back with the full length comedy, “Disrobed: Why so clothes-minded?” The play has been adapted and updated by Steven Vlasak (HFF18’s Nights at The Algonquin Roundtable) from the British naturist classic, “Barely Proper” by Tom Cushing. It’s Meet The Parents with a twist! Skye is about to introduce her conservative boyfriend to her family. But she’s never told him that she and her family are all nudists! Will their relationship survive? Once again, this immersive theatre experience requires the audience to be in their birthday suits, but house rules require footwear. Don’t forget to bring a clothes bag and a towel to sit on! All photography is prohibited and all cellphones must be turned off and stored in the clothes bag upon entering the venue. Taken from the website. 

June 9 – 28,2019

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