Ghost Road presents: The Dry Years @ Broadwater – Review

Photo by Austin Crowley

The Dry Years begins—as stories so often do—with an arrival. It begins the day a pair of lawyers showed up and started buying “useless land” for more than it was worth. By the time folks realized why, it was too late. The lawyers had stolen their water at the point of a pen and built an aqueduct to bleed them dry. Ten years later, this rural California community stands on the edge of collapse. That is until a stranger drives out of the desert, offering a solution to all their problems: Rain.

Inspired by the strange-but-true story of Charles Mallory Hatfield—Southern California’s most famous (and infamous) practitioner of the pseudoscience of rainmaking—this is a story about stories. The ones that are true, the ones that aren’t, and the ones that are somewhere in between. Taken from the website.

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Great Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended!

Feb 4 – March 4, 2023

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