Hollywood Fringe 2023: “Tripping On Life” by Lin Shaye @ Hudson Theatre – Review

Tripping On Life chronicles one young woman’s personal journey of growth, that happened through a traumatic personal experience, during the tumultuous year of 1968. The backdrop of the event, “the 60’s” was known for its vibrant color, drug use, political outrage and new definitions of love. Artistic expression, personal communication and new styles flourished, and so did the rest of my life, which was forever impacted by the “times”and by this personal event.

I wrote this piece to express communally, a personal benchmark of grief, its repercussions on who I became, who I am, and my awakening. We live by the accumulation and processing of events that have impacted our lives. This event was a major moment that shaped my: past, present and future. I am also hoping to take the audience on a visceral trip.. not just an auditory one… Hoping that they will participate with me emotionally. The style of delivery is untraditional, and my goal is to give the audience a taste of the trust, emotional chaos, and love that I experienced at that time! Taken from the website.

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